What Is The Security Agreement Between Armenia And Russia

And John is Hebrew, and what`s your point? Maybe I`m a spy for Kurdistan and Soro`s pay slip, huh? After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Armenia shared Russia`s approach to strengthening the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Armenia and Russia are both members of a military alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), along with four other ex-Soviet countries, a relationship that Armenia considers essential for its security. Among the treaties and agreements that govern intergovernmental relations - a treaty of friendship, cooperation and reciprocity of 29 August 1997 - are a series of documents that govern the bases of military units and Russian ties in the Republic of Armenia. Armenia became a full member of the Eurasian Economic Union on 2 January 2015. Russian military advisers and specialists in a portion of Article 2 revenues are paid these contracts in the Republic of Armenia are exempt from income tax. Imports and exports to the Republic of Armenia and family members of private consumer products are exempt from taxes, customs duties and other mandatory import and export payments. Keep Armenia isolated, George Friedman: news.az/articles/armenia/26918 Bilateral relations between today`s Armenia and the Russian Federation began on 3 April 1992, although Russia has been a major player in Armenia since the early 19th century. The historical relations of the two countries have their roots in the Russo-Persian war from 1826 to 1828 between the Russian Empire and The Persia of Qajar, after Eastern Armenia was ceded to Russia. In addition, Russia was considered the protector of Christian subjects in the Ottoman Empire, including Armenians.

[1] Under state law, the same level of information security, which contains data that are the state secret of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, will be provided by the parties. As the saying goes, Armenia is wedged between a rock and a difficult place. Given the circumstances, Armenia has little choice but to align its army with Russia. And Russia is not only selling arms to Azerbaijan, it has also started to put Turkey on the road. Armenia has the old S-300 missile defense, but Russia is ready to sell the S-400 to Turkey, not to mention the construction of nuclear power plants for Turkey. The only way I see this is for Armenia to play a calculated game whereby Armenia forces Russia to choose without compromise between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Otherwise, Armenia is destined for mediocrity, and even worse under the hand of Russia. Unlike some Armenian Russians claim that Armenia is NOT for Russia, what Israel is for the United States. The United States feeds Israel`s steak.

Russia feeds Armenia with bones. And the sad part, unlike Israel, is "Armenia pays for it."